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UNCONTESTED DIVORCE Spouses who are able to reach their own agreements regarding custody, property and support in a divorce may be able to complete an uncontested divorce. This is generally the fastest, least expensive and easiest form of divorce. Our uncontested divorce lawyers can assist you in reaching an amicable resolution and pursuing the uncontested divorce option. Our uncontested divorce lawyers can assist you with your divorce and save you money, time and stress, and you can complete your divorce without ever going to court. Specific legal procedures still have to be followed in order to draft and file the proper divorce documents with the court. It is important to have knowledgeable lawyers that will put together in a settlement agreement and all other required divorce documents in order to avoid any potential problems when the documents are reviewed by a judge.Our lawyers have many of years of experience safeguarding the rights of our clients and filing the uncontested cases in all courts. While many companies offer cheap document preparation services, it’s important to understand that many of those companies do not have attorneys that personally review and check your divorce papers. Also, each divorce is unique and many issues such as pension plans, property rights, and questions related to children of the marriage are often improperly addressed or not addressed at al in the documents that were not prepared by an attorney. When you are represented by our divorce lawyers, we provide you with an opportunity to take advantage of a free case evaluation so we can gather information to develop a personalized strategy for each particular case including an uncontested divorce. Our uncontested divorce lawyers will also make sure the all the required papers are carefully drafted and properly executed. Most importantly, we put our name on these papers as your attorneys, which represents that as your divorce attorneys, we provided you with the highest quality of legal representation.We helped thousands of clients with a high rate of satisfaction, many of whom chose uncontested divorce as a less costly option for marriage dissolution. When you work with our uncontested divorce lawyers, you will find our attorneys to be caring and highly professional in getting your divorce case resolved. This will allow you to move forward with your life. A divorce is uncontested when you and your spouse reach an agreement on all terms. Many divorces start as contested divorces and then transition to uncontested divorces when spouses are able to reach an agreement through negotiation. If court appearances have already been scheduled, our team of divorce attorneys are able to stop the contested court process and the divorce can be concluded with the more simple process of an uncontested divorce.

  • Property Issues: Division of property, assets, and debts

  • Money Issues: Child support and spousal support

  • Parenting Issues: Child custody and visitation

Even if your divorce is uncontested, a proper legal process must be followed to dissolve the marriage properly. Although spouses may have agreed to the dissolution of their marriage and the terms of the dissolution are in writing, the spouses are still considered married, still financially responsible for each other, and still unable to remarry, until the divorce is officially signed by a judge and judgement of divorce is properly entered with the court. We strong recommend that you hire an experienced uncontested divorce lawyer to assist you with the court processing of your divorce.

The process of uncontested divorce can be somewhat complicated and involves preparing and filing numerous forms as well as other documentation based upon your individual circumstances. Our seasoned team can guide you through this entire process, protect your interests, and help you pursue a favorable resolution to all issues in an uncontested divorce. We will take time and listen to your individual situation and find the right solution to help you get through the divorce process.

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